Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Simulation Day

Here's what my marks looked like on September 2, 2008, the day after Labor Day, when I had the final part of my simulation. They take a bunch of X-rays and position you on the table to make sure everything lines up.

Bubba and Aida, Allie and Amie, Vicki, the two birds and all their valuables arrived yesterday afternoon after they spending the night in Birmingham, Alabama since it took them 17 hours to get just that far from New Orleans in the evacuation traffic for Hurricane Gustav.

Bill and I both feverishly researched hotels on the internet for at LEAST three hours straight, and the only one we could find at all that still had room was in Birmingham. There was nothing at all in Mississippi along Hwy 59/20, the route they decided to take, and it took them FOREVER just to get past Meridian. Had they attempted to get all the way to Atlanta, they wouldn't have arrived until 5 a.m. and would have been on the road for ~21 hours straight.

They said the hotel was PACKED with people and all their pets and valuables. Bill had called the hotel about an hour after we made the reservation and pretended he was Bubba calling, wondering if they might be turned away since pets weren't allowed and nothing else was available. The hotel was already sold out by then, but they verified that they WERE holding a reservation for him, and yes, Vicki (their Dalmatian) would be OK.

I cried on Sunday night, overwhelmed that I would have a house full of people and animals in the same week radiation was starting and our first choir practice of the season was happening, when I had absolutely no time or energy to prepare myself for all of this. It was great to see the family but since my surgery, I had only had "close to normal" energy levels for maybe two days before they arrived, and I've been too exhausted to think straight, much less get any work done to prepare for the fall. But all was fine. I kept Sybil locked up in the bedroom and master bath the entire time they were here so Vicki could have run of the house, and the kids are really well behaved. The timing was just really stressful, though.

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