Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Checkin' in...

I've just finished my second week of 6-1/2 weeks of radiation therapy. Woo-hoo!! Tomorrow I'll be 1/3 finished.

Here's proof that I was checked in for my treatment today. (I'm the second name from the top.) You come in the front door, click the box next to your name on the screen to check in, and then go into the waiting room until you're called. One of the therapists (Mike, Niki, Beverly or Derrick) puts a sticker on your valet parking ticket every day so it's free. Every day except Tuesday you just get your treatment and go.

On Tuesdays, we're here for much longer since every one sees Dr. Godette, our Radiation Oncologist today. She said everything looks good so far, and the very minor side effects I'm experiencing (swelling at night, slight redness) are to be expected at this point. The only fatigue I have so far is really just long term from the emotional rollercoaster I've been on with this since June, only just finding out I actually HAD cancer ~August 12, got my final diagnosis of "undifferentiated sarcoma" on August 20, and of course the physical healing from surgery August 4 and the fall schedule ramping up already at church.

Here's Derrick and Niki just before my treatment today.

On the way home I saw the "Jesus" van, which can be seen around Gwinnett county every now and then.
And finally, here's Sybil relaxing in her grass patch. I recently got her a couple of new pieces of Bermuda sod, which she clearly prefers to the Zoysia I got last time; she hated it and never went near it.

Now it's time for ME to rest for a while so my leg doesn't swell up too early in the day. I was up way too late catching up with my blog, and I'll try to stay current from here on out.

Signing off for now. Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone for your continued prayers, especially all my wonderful friends at St. James in Mukwonago (and elsewhere in WI) and in Baltimore, MD as well as here at St. Monica in Duluth, GA, and to my friends and family in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi and various other places around the world. Mom, Aunt Evie and Aunt Jan are coming to visit over the weekend, and I'm looking forward to that! (And hi to my Emory waiting room friends, Heather and Joya!) Joya is in her final countdown-she finishes her radiation on Monday. WOO-HOO!

Love, Helen

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Unknown said...


huge hug.

October 14th , 1992.

was that the day
I know I'm close
we said we would meet
in front of St. Louis Cathedral
it was a pact
you sent the poster then
to New York
which I still run across
and keep to remeber
that promises can be kept