Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Radiation Begins

Radiation began today; treatment 1 of 33. You hear a buzzing noise when you're getting zapped, but you don't feel anything (although I SWEAR I could feel static electricity or something the first time.) Maybe it was my hair follicles boiling (or, like I told Mike, the Senior Therapist, my CELLS frying.)

The white marks are my "permanent" marks now. The area within the black outline is the area being irradiated. I can remove that; I asked them to mark it for me so I could see the actual area that I need to put the medicine on, and so I could show everyone via this blog what was happening.

The first visit took longer than any others will, because after my first treatment, Ann (the nurse practictioner) and Dr. Godette both talked to me for a while.

Bubba, Aida and the girls went down to Destin for a little vacation at the beach instead of heading back to New Orleans just to sit in the traffic again since people are only being allowed to come back just now. They will go back on Saturday. Mom and Dad evacuated to Aunt Jan's in Ocean Springs, MS, and they'll go back tomorrow or Friday.

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