Monday, September 15, 2008

Pictures from daily radiation treatments

As of today I've had 9 of 33 treatments; woo-hoo! It's going by pretty fast, and so far my skin is holding up very well. Today Mike, (the Senior Radiation Therapist) took off two more stickers near the crease of my knee and painted those with silver nitrate too. (The picture of my leg was taken on 9/11/08, before this latest change.) The other stickers on my leg are in spots that don't bend and are farther away from my incision, so I'm not as concerned about being able to put medicine on those. I like the XClair cream a lot, but I really DON'T like the way the Aquaphor feels; it's kind of sticky. I just ordered some manuka honey which I read an article about in the waiting room last week. This honey from New Zealand has healing properties that are far stronger than in most honey. I figured it's worth a try. (Hey, if it doesn't work at least I can still eat it! I won't be eating the Aquaphor, that's for sure...)

Here are some pictures I took last week of the radiation therapists I see every day. Mike is by himself in the photo at the top. At left, that's Josh (a medical student I've only seen once or twice,) Niki, and Beverly (who used to be a school teacher) .

Derrick, a new radiation therapist, started on Thursday. He just moved up here from Houston (good timing since Ike just hit!) I asked if he was a med student and he said he'd been doing this for 13 years....(sigh....I'm getting old because almost EVERYONE looks really YOUNG to me.) He's from Biloxi originally, but moved to N.O. and worked at Charity Hospital before Katrina hit. Then he moved to Houston, and now here. I'll get a picture of him soon.

The other photos are Brenda (one of the nurses) at the desk, and in the treatment room, Niki and Beverly. I promised Beverly I'd block out her face since she REALLLLLY didn't want her picture taken right then, and Mike took it anyway.

Photos below are Hailay, my valet parking attendant, and the Agnes Glenn Building where I go every day Monday through Friday to have radiation. It's adjacent to Emory Crawford Long Hospital where I had my surgery.

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