Friday, November 14, 2008

Treating the cellulitis in my leg and sinus infection in my head

I went to the doctor a little while ago and just got a prescription filled for Augmentin, which the nurse practitioner said should also help resolve the cellulitis in my leg that's hurting me so much. I didn't realize that even though it doesn't SEEM infected, it actually IS! I probably wouldn't have needed to suffer so much this past couple of weeks if Emory had alerted me as to what to look for. But since they said "it will get worse for about two weeks before it starts to get better" I didn't know that this wasn't completely the normal progression of things.

I was able to direct both the kids choir and the adult choir last night for the first time in a month. My leg was swollen and stiff when I went home, and it was uncomfortable to drive home since I have to bend my leg to get in/out of the car and use the clutch, but at least it wasn't excruciating like it was up till now if I couldn't elevate my leg for that long. I did have to use the cold gel packs on my leg towards the end of the night, which at least makes it feel a little better temporarily. Hopefully with the help of antibiotics, that infection will clear up and my whole body will finally be able to get back to normal. It would be SOOOOOO great to be "well" by Thanksgiving!! (My CT scan of my lungs, MRI of my leg and checkup with the radiation doctor are all before Thanksgiving too.) I'll be amazed if I don't need physical therapy since I haven't had full range of motion in my knee since the end of July due to swelling from surgery, radiation and now this infection.

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