Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm sick!

I'm miserable!!! I can't believe this. I started getting a sore throat Monday night and it's been a full-blown cold with low fever Tuesday, yesterday and today. I've had what seems like a sinus headache all day (it's situated over my right eye) even though I've been popping Ibuprofen every few hours.

AACK! At least my leg is FINALLY starting to feel better. My assistant Bob offered to lead choir rehearsal when he heard how horrible I sounded on the phone so I took him up on his offer, even though he's led the last three for me . I had the "Saints Alive" LIFE event last Thursday, and he did the previous two since my leg swells when I stand, and I haven't been able to direct both the kids and the adult choir practices back-to-back since before Confirmation in early October.

I had already cancelled children's choir by email to everyone last night so I don't start an epidemic. 'Tis the season for cold and flu, and I really want to avoid a repeat of what happened a few years ago at St. James. A double-whammy virus made the rounds TWICE through every adult choir member in the months of November and December. It was AWFUL, and our Christmas rehearsals were severely impacted by the number of people out sick.

I hope I'll be mostly over this cold by the weekend, and my leg seems to be under control. I am praying that it will be noticeably more healed this time next week, which will make my life a LOT easier. Right now even though the pain has subsided to a tolerable level, it's still really hard to get around or do anything but sit on the sofa with my leg elevated, and it has to be covered almost continually since the wounds are still oozing a little and are far too raw to leave exposed.

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