Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting ready for radiation

Here's a picture of my leg taken Monday, August 28, showing the preliminary markings they put on me. They did a CT scan of my leg and sent the data down to Crawford Long so that Dr. Karen Godette can fine-tune my radiation plan. Dr. Godette reminds me of Condoleezza Rice. A very sweet, soft-spoken and classy lady.

Unfortunately, I DO have to go downtown every day for radiation since the only two locations Emory offers radiation therapy are the University Campus and Crawford Long Hospital, which is actually easier to get to even though it's one exit farther away.

My incision is healing very well, and I was surprised that it never really hurt. The red dot below my incision is where a piece of suture that looks and feels like fishing line has been poking out of my leg since August 4. I wish it would dissolve! It's annoying! My friend Karen at the office calls the purple marks "my crosses to bear." Next Tuesday I go for the second part of the simulation where they'll re-mark my leg, and I think I start radiation on Wednesday.

They say that one of the warning signs of cancer can be a wound that doesn't heal, and I've known people in that situation. They found out they had cancer after going to the doctor to see why bone breaks that weren't healing. I also had a very mild warning sign that I ignored all summer because it was so minor and unusual. Sometime this spring or so I noticed a crack in my left heel, and no matter what I did to it, it would not heal AT ALL. It was at its worst during July or so, just before my surgery. I noticed yesterday that it was almost healed, all of a sudden, within the span of maybe three days or so. So I guess now that the tumor is gone and my left leg is pretty much healed from surgery, my body has enough energy left over to FINALLY heal that little wound. That's really amazing.

Thanks again for all your ongoing prayers! I'm in great spirits compared to last week, because technically at this point I'm cancer-free and the radiation is "just in case." I think I should change the subtitle of this blog to "a whenever I get around to it" account. There's no way it's gonna be "day-by-day" as we get into the fall! Bye for now, and God bless!


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