Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Year Cancer-Free

As of August 4, I'm one year cancer-free (but my radiation burns weren't completely healed till the end of FEBRUARY, and I didn't get my full stamina back until around Easter.) Just started a water aerobics class 2x/week since I finally have the time and energy to start exercising. With the help of physical therapy & ASTYM for 3 full months, massages as often as I can get them-1-2x/month, and occasional yoga (and now water aerobics) my leg is feeling much softer and the tightness/swelling has gone away. I'm very happy with how it feels right now, although my calf muscle still feels contracted more than I'd like. It's not bad, but it's annoying. I'm hoping that exercising will take care of that.

Things are getting busy at work now as we approach the singing season. We had our long-awaited first-annual music ministry mini-retreat last week, which was well-attended, and seven members of the children's/youth choir sang with me at the Assumption Vigil Mass last night (their first time to sing "out of season" since their rehearsals won't start till mid-October, a little later this year due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts.) Next week Bob (my assistant) and three cantors and I are attending the Archdiocese of Atlanta's second annual Southeastern Liturgical Music Symposium. The following week I'm attending the Confirmation retreat from Friday afternoon through Sunday, and adult choir rehearsals start up the following Thursday. Then it's the mad dash to Christmas. Bring it on!

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